January 7, 2014

Alderson: Mets Not Done, Waiting Out Ike & Tejada

Sandy Alderson, according to ESPN's Adam Rubin, is not finished for the winter, despite the recent slowdown in news. This comes as reports leak out almost daily about his efforts to either shop Ike Davis or replace Ruben Tejada at shortstop.

"We're still looking," Alderson said about the bench. "It depends on what happens in the middle infield as to whether we need someone else on the bench. And as for how things look in the outfield, we've got people who can provide us some bench help. But I'd say right now we continue to look at what's available and at what might be of value for us." 
Alderson noted that some of the moves may simply be depth moves if both Ike and Tejada remain in their starting roles.

A lot of us have been waiting for the other shoe to drop on the Mets bench, especially following the dismissal of Justin Turner. It seems as though Sandy is simply waiting to find out what exactly he is shopping for. Drew or another starting shortstop makes Tejada your default back-up middle infielder, and moving Ike may free up a bit of payroll for improving the bench. Sounds a lot like a holding pattern to me.

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