January 27, 2014

Yankees Won't Complicate The Market For Stephen Drew

According to Andy Martino of the New York Daily News, despite having blown their previous budget of $189 million for this offseason, the New York Yankees remain unlikely to pursue free agent shortstop Stephen Drew.

Following the acquisition of Masahiro Tanaka, it became clear that the Yankees would not keep payroll under their goal of $189 million.  As a result, some speculated that they could renew their pursuit of Stephen Drew in an effort to provide some depth behind the aging Derek Jeter.  It appears that won't be the case as Martino reports the prevailing feeling around baseball is that the Yankees are not in a position to add much additional payroll this winter.

This is good news for Mets fans who still believe the team should make an effort to acquire Drew's services.  The Yankees could have turned the somewhat dormant market for Drew on end, quickly raising his asking price out of the Mets' range.  Now, with the Yankees seemingly out of the picture it remains a staring contest between the Mets and Red Sox.

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