January 16, 2014

Tejada Getting A Raise And The Real World

Yes, I realize that it is only 100k and as other colleagues point out it isn't custom to grovel over small potatoes. But, it got me thinking as to if Tejada's situation played out at a company like mine this is how ridiculous it might be. Here goes.

I work as an IT System in our research facility. The position is highly visible throughout the company. Over the course of the year I am not getting the job done. I am not able to keep up with daily tasks and service my clients the way that I should. This is due to the fact that I am not keeping myself fresh with the latest and greatest technologies my company is bringing in which is a requirement of my job.

My boss becomes concerned. Upon speaking with other department team leads, he decides that maybe I need to kick it back a notch, get re-energized and back on the right track. He moves me to the help desk which is less visible and not as much pressure. I am not happy with this decision but accept it. At first I go through the motions not really caring because I am still making the same money. In time I realize I want to get back to where I was at. I up my game and make it visible to all those around.

Based on this my former boss decides I have done what I needed to and brings me back to my old team and after a slight slow start I get my groove back and win back the respect of my clients and team members. Things are going so well until I slip and fall on the ice in the parking lot and tear my knee up and have to go on disability.

I notice in the paper that my boss has put an ad to replace my position. I ask him what is going on? He says he needs it filled and with someone better. I tell him I will rehab faster and get back sooner than my disability insurance says I do. Eventually he admits to me he can't find someone else and that I will have to do. Year end performance evaluations come around and guess what? I GET A RAISE!

Wait, what?

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