January 13, 2014

Matt Harvey Responds To His Critics..Again

Welp.. bright and early this morning Matt Harvey got into it with someone on Twitter who felt the need to try to ruffle his feathers.  I would say he succeeded...
Thats a great retort by Harvey and likely something Mets fans will rally around.  I even laughed myself.  But there are some underlying issues here..

Harvey has been well traveled this winter.  With trips to Russia and now apparently Thailand if your inclined to believe his Twitter feed.  These are leisure time activities that he is more than entitled to take, but there will be a faction of the fan base who feel that he should be concentrating on one thing: rehab.

Bear in mind, I'm not saying he isn't rehabbing.  I'm simply concerned that he's setting himself up for future criticism if his reinsertion into the rotation in 2015 doesn't go as well as expected.  This is the second time in as many months that Harvey has responded directly to criticism.  Some fans will love it, but sooner or later they too will have to concede that this type of behavior will bring undue pressure on the young pitcher when he finally returns to the mound.

I worry what his response could be to true, warranted criticism, of his performance on the mound.  New York is a results oriented town and Harvey has provided a welcome distraction to a fan base who hasn't enjoyed results in certain years.  That fan base can turn on players quickly, and giving it ammunition like this may not be for the best in the long term.

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