January 10, 2014

Red Sox Not Actively In Discussions With Stephen Drew

It looks like the New York Mets aren't the only franchise content with waiting on Stephen Drew, who right now has little if any market. Per a post on Hardball Talk, the Red Sox have not spoken to Drew's camp since prior to Christmas.

Boston General Manager, Ben Cherington, had the following to say about Drew while appearing on local radio WEEI last night:

“We’ve kept a dialogue going, and frankly haven't had a conversation in a little while now. It's been probably just before the holidays. I don't have any doubt Stephen has opportunities out there. He's a good player. He's a healthy player. He's going to be someone's shortstop this year. We think we've had an honest, open dialogue with Stephen and Scott obviously about what our interests are and some of the issues we're facing, he's done the same and we'll continue to have a conversation as we always do with Scott. But there's nothing really to report on it.”

He also had the following to say about how younsters Xander Bogaerts and Will Middlebrooks might fit into the team in 2014:

"We're not writing anything in stone in terms of who is in the lineup and who's not. We're not handing jobs out in January because we don't have to. But we are talking about the value to the organization that comes from committing to the young player if, indeed, we have the young players who are worth committing to, and if we can support those guys enough by having a deep enough roster overall.”

At a bare minimum, I take this mean that while the Red Sox remain open to the idea of Drew returning to the team, they are absolutely prepared to move on to their young talent if need be.  At a bare minimum, it appears Drew would be subjected to a full on competition for his shortstop spot this spring if he returns.  This plays quite well into the narrative that the Mets can offer him the best chance at regular playing time.

Even if it comes down to a pair of one year deals, I'm not sure why Drew would subject himself to a competition in Boston, versus just assuming the full-time shortstop role in Flushing.  In either case, it doesn't appear we're closing in on a resolution to this issue, which has now persistent for going on two months.

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