January 27, 2014

Why Must Alderson Act Like Carrot Top?

This topic was brought up yesterday by Rob, here. I'm gonna add my own take on it, because for some reason, I'm really agitated by it. In case you missed it, it's reported that at Saturday's BWAA dinner, Sandy Alderson had the line of the night. While referring to the Yankees, he is quoted as saying:
We each signed Japanese pitchers this week. They're paying $155 Million and we're paying our guy month to month.

Hardy har har, Sandy. I'm sick of this guys act. The team he is in charge of has been a joke for the last seven years. Why add fuel to the critic's fires? On top of that, you're in charge of a business. Your business is in the same city as another organization in the same business, an organization that you can't even hold a candle to at this point when it comes to comparing productivity.

I'm not big into the Mets-Yankees comparisons. As far as I'm concerned, as a fan, the Yankees don't matter to me. They're not a rival. You're not competeing against them for a playoff spot. But from a business standpoint, the Mets are competeing with them for money and fans. So how do you sell yourself to an angry exisiting fan base, as well as people on the fence about who to root for? By making jokes about how the other team outspends you? C'mon already. This is how you run your business and sell yourself? This is like Microsoft saying "Well, Apple may have the iPod, but we have out own crappy MP3 players, too."

On top of it, you're insulting your own guy. Daisuke isn't that good at this point, however, you signed him. So why are you going to slight him for? It's annoying. To me, this sounds like a guy who is constantly condescending because he didn't want this job, but was pressured to take it by Selig. He really doesn't want to be bothered. And I don't understand how the Wilpon's stand for this, because frankly, every shot Sandy takes at the team, he takes at them too. Regardless, it's time for Sandy to shut his mouth, and put a team on the field that's going to win some ball games.

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