January 16, 2014

Mets And Red Sox At Same Impasse On Drew

According to Andy Martino of the New York Daily News, the Mets and Red Sox hold similar feelings about the offers they may tender to free agent shortstop Stephen Drew. From yesterdays NYDN:
Picture by @lets86it
According to people familiar with the team’s thinking, the Mets are not yet sure if they are willing to commit more than one year to Drew. One rival executive who has been in touch with Mets brass guessed this week that the team would ultimately stretch to a two-or-three year commitment, but there is no indication yet that that will happen. Boras is typically willing to keep negotiations active into February.
Industry insiders do not expect Boston to offer Drew more than one or two years. The Red Sox have promising youngsters Xander Bogaerts and Deven Marrero to play shortstop.
 It seems silly to me that the Mets are holding up filling a huge gap in their lineup over giving out a two year contract, so I hope this is all just a bit of posturing to try to bring his price down. The Sox, with good young players coming up at the position, are not going to be compelled to outbid the Mets simply for the sake of doing so, so a two year offer may just get it done. Two years makes more sense to me, anyway: if he performs but the team is still horrid, we have a trade chip at the deadline with an extra year of team control.


  1. How in gods name could you give a 3.5 million contract to Ike? What are you thinking ? There has been something wrong with him since he contracted that valley desert fever. you just threw away 3.5 mil for nothing. Same old Mets. Don't buy tickets, Its the only way to get rid of the wilpons and every one else. angelo

    1. I dont think you understand the arbitration process with the MLB basic players agreement. unless they released him and surely someone else would pick him up, that is his value.

  2. Sorry but IKE will prove everybody wrong, Duda is a dud when it comes to fielding, How many games does Duda have to miss a normal fly ball and cost us the game.