January 8, 2014

Exclusive Interview With Adam Rubin On Mejia

Earlier today, Effing Mets was able to land an exclusive interview with ESPN Mets beat reporter Adam Rubin on the potential of Jenrry Mejia beginning the season in the Mets starting rotation. Rubin was enlightening on the topic.
Rubin responded quickly with some helpful insight.

Well, our question is answered.

Seriously, Mejia should be in the rotation to start the season and be given an opportunity to build on his solid work from last season. I still think the Mets should continue to add pitching depth, however, because Mejia seems to be more of a "when" than an "if" when it comes to missing starts for injuries.


  1. You "think the Mets should continue to add pitching depth" but if he and parnell are healthy and with Noah, Montero, and Degrom all virtually ready, anything more than a stopgap guy for the rotation, just in case, would be too much at this point. My opinion? Spend on hitting.

    1. Those guys may not be as close as you think, they won't be pulled up early in the season.