January 14, 2014

Wright Talks Ike Davis

In addition to Wright's comments on the upcoming season that we discussed earlier, he also spoke to ESPN New York about embattled first baseman, Ike Davis, who appears set to return to the team that spend the winter trying to trade him.

"..You want to be wanted, if that makes sense. As much as his name has been mentioned with trade talk, we obviously value Ike substantially or else we probably would have traded him by now.  So we have a fairly high price tag on Ike. We value Ike. And, ultimately, I think Ike is a heckuva player. I know that we have a few guys that can play first base, but he's got to come in with the mindset of being motivated.  I'm sure he's going to want to go out there and get off to a strong start and silence everybody that wanted to trade him. That's good motivation. That should light a fire under him. I don't think he's going to take it personally. He understands the business side of it."

Its imperative that Davis uses this offseason as motivation if he does eventually report to spring training with the rest of the team.  Wright's thoughts are not far off from my own in response to Ike's comments last week about remaining a Met.  

Its clear that the Mets have an inflated idea of what Ike's value is.  They are likely basing it off of his potential, which does dwarf that of any other potential first baseman on the team.  Ike is capable of delivering a .240/25/90 type of season, and pairing it with gold glove caliber defense.  Unfortunately, he is also capable of floundering for much of the year in what seems like an almost self-induced misery.

It will be important that Wright stays in Davis' ear this spring.  Ike hasn't had an unpressured at-bat in nearly two years, and there aren't any on the horizon, but if Davis does make it to April with the team it will likely be his last if he can't right the ship.  Wright appears to have a good grasp on that reality.  Now he just needs to make sure Ike does too.

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  1. Ike will have a great season in 2014. The addition Granderson and Young, coupled with Murphy and Wright will automatically improve Ikes game. Remember, there wasn't much to fear in that lineup the past three years. He will get better pitches to hit.