January 24, 2014

Could Matt Harvey Pitch In 2014?

In a late night article by ESPN's Adam Rubin, it appears that Mets ace Matt Harvey would like the pitch in 2014.  In fact, he told the Wall Street Journal the following:

"When you see stories of guys coming back in 10 months, I'm going to think, 
'Hey, I can come back in nine.' Unfortunately, I don't make those decisions. 
I can't throw the uniform on and go back on the mound without the permission 
of higher-ups. That's my personality -- I always want to be out there. Like I've
 said all along, I'm nota doctor, so I don't have those answers. But of course I 
want to get back on the mound."

 Look.. I don't think I need to tell you that this is wishful thinking.  However, this is exactly the competitive nature that has made Matt Harvey into the star he's become.  I would expect nothing less than him pushing his timetable and in all honesty, would be worried if he acted any differently.

I don't expect Harvey to toe the rubber this season under any circumstances, to include the media shocking the masses and making a playoff run.  Matt Harvey is the future.  Since the Mets don't figure to be anything resembling a contender in 2014, there is no reason to risk that future for the present.  Let Harvey push the issue, but there is no way his forces himself into the lineup this season.


  1. That's my Matt!! Love that competitiveness of his, but let's not get crazy here. Adam Wainwright, who also had Tommy John surgery, has said that it takes at least two seasons to get back to the comfort level you had before, that things feel different. Plus, there's no way the big-wigs are going to let Matt jeopardize his (and the Mets') future because he's getting antsy to pitch. I don't care if we're going to the World Series in 2014 -- Matt Harvey has to wait until Spring Training 2015 before he even THINKS about throwing from the mound.