January 29, 2014

Syndergaard Wants to Wear the #34

Noah Syndergaard was answering questions on Twitter earlier under the @MLBFutures account and he replied to one of mine.

Shortly after, Adam Rubin tweeted this:
Now, my first thought was not a good group to follow up for various reasons. Pelfrey was supposed to be a mainstay in the rotation for years to come but injuries and inconsistencies ended his tenure. And outside of Kris Benson and his hot and psychotic wife who is facing jail time the rest aren't worth the keystrokes.

I was having a good conversation with fellow blogger Tom @GetsThruBuckner and he immediately thinks this is a bad idea and the number could be cursed. My take was somewhat similar but yet I started thinking that maybe this kid is that good mentally and the number doesn't mean anything to him. Especially when considering those who have worn it in the past. Then Rubin tweeted out a list of every Met who has worn the number 34 and one glaringly stuck out at me. Nolan Ryan.

I don't think there has been much posted out in the Mets universe about who Syndergaard models himself after. At least I haven't seen anything lately. But, if that is his reasoning for wanting that number than to me that is flat out guts and determination to be the best. Now, his choice of that number is all speculation on my part but either way it is fun to see a pitcher who appears to have a bright future pick a number with some history. Good and bad.


  1. Im pretty certain Ryan wore #30 with the Mets

  2. He did but his rookie season 1966 he was #34. For 11 seasons he wore #30 with the Mets and Angels then for 13 seasons between the Astros and Rangers he wore #34. So close but edge goes to #34.