January 30, 2014

Wilmer Flores to Play SS for the Mets?

Yes you read that correctly. Here is a quote from Sandy Alderson that was pulled from Adam Rubin's blog.

“I wouldn’t say [Flores to shortstop] is dead. I think that one of the things we want to see is how well he has done with his training regimen in Michigan. Before this off season, I’m not sure he ever had any sort of structured, regimented conditioning program. The work that they have done on speed and agility and quickness, etc., may have an impact on his ability to play certain positions -- including second base and conceivably even shortstop. But right now, that’s all speculation.”

Okay, so fat camp must be doing something for Sandy and the gang to even think this is conceivable. Because since 2011 all we have heard was that this position for Wilmer was dead. Maybe this is why they haven't put the pedal to the medal to acquire Stephen Drew or maybe over pay for a trade. What Sandy is saying makes sense. Flores has done nothing but play baseball year round and not have the opportunity to work on the little things like quickness and strength.  I don't want to get too excited over this but management has to be seeing something here for them to even the make this comment. Or is it just more talk? Lord knows we have heard plenty already.

I think it would be awesome if something like this actually worked out. He was mashing in AAA but struggled when he got to the majors. Granted that was a small sample until he got injured. More exposure and at bats could change that. Regardless, what a story line this would make if he beat out Tejada and could put up comparable numbers to Drew.

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  1. First all I mentioned Flores playing SS 3 months ago and got blasted by the comments on another blog but he played SS for years in the minors and all
    of a sudden he can't play SS anymore? I was screaming play him at SS or
    first base in winter ball but I guess we will see him a lot in spring training
    because I don't care what Sandy says Tejada is not the answer! The Wilpons don't want to spend any many out of their pockets so Flores might be a very
    good way to go! Tejada will be lucky to one hr and drive in 30 rbis when you
    could see 15-20 hrs and 75-90 rbis at SS!! Even though he's not as good as
    Tejada who is not a great SS with his offense if Flores fields the position ok he's
    worth it!! The kid works hard on everything and like Murphy he will turn himself
    into a desent SS in time!!

    1. agree, he's not new to the position. Sandy should stop all the hot air and get with it.

  2. The optimist in me agrees with you and is hopeful!

  3. There is very little punch in the lineup. Give this guy a chance. What's there to lose?

  4. I also agree. I think that giving the opportunities he will be a great SS, Anything is better then tajada.

  5. Let the kid play, you are looking possibly at the second coming of Edgardo Alfonzo. I love the way this kid handles the bat and does the small things at the plate.

  6. cut davis duda tahada and save 6 mill$ anybody but them would work