January 7, 2014

Signing Drew Could Be Worse Than Chris Young

Drew had his best year since 2007 while with Boston in 2013.
The largest current free-agent floater remaining this MLB offseason is ex-World Champion Red Sox Stephen Drew. Drew is expected to either reunite with Boston or possibly agree to a deal with the Mets.

Drew declined a $14.1M qualifying offer from the Red Sox last November, which means any deal with the Mets would cost New York a 3rd-round compensation draft pick.

As of now, Drew would certainly be an upgrade for the Mets at shortstop over Rubén Tejada talent and maturity-wise.

In his age 30 season, Drew hit a pedestrian .253/.333/.443 for Boston in 2012, driving in 67 runs with 13 long balls.

However, he is not worth it.

Giving up a draft pick for an older middle-tier-at-best overall player is bad enough, but doing it for a ludicrous price with a shortstop-packed offseason awaiting next winter is even worse..

With Scott Boras doing the talking for him, I wouldn't be surprised if Drew got anywhere from the $17-25M range, for at least two years.

Chris Young was a bad move by Alderson already, so it would not be prudent for him to make a relatively low-reward, high-risk investment in Stephen Drew.
The Mets' new $7.25M outfielder.

Tejada has proven to have a high ceiling, and 2014 will hopefully show how motivated Triple-A Las Vegas has made him.

Stick to the plan, Sandy, and fill that hole next winter.


  1. Respectfull disagree - a lot. That pedestrian line of Drew comes to an OPS of 776 (I use the Bill James method of multiplying by 1000 to have a nice easy to read number). Shortstops in the majors last year averaged an OPS of 680. Tejada was at 519 and Quintanilla was at 589. Drew dwarfs them.
    Doesn't mean he merits a 3 year/ $39 million commitment but if he could be had for 2 yrs and less than $22 million he would be a massive upgrade.
    It's the C.Young signing that's a sham.

    1. Not with the market next year http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2013/02/2015-mlb-free-agents.html

  2. There are not many #82 picks doing much in the majors. The Mets third round draft choices are not exactly a stellar group. Signing Drew is a good move to make the team better now.

  3. Hey Brian, to cement your point, who ARE the SS that will be available next year? Without that, it really weakens your position. Just sayin'

    1. Cabrera & Lowrie >> Drew http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2013/02/2015-mlb-free-agents.html