January 13, 2014

Five Or Six Teams In On Drew? So Says Scott Boras..

In yesterday's Boston Globe, Nick Carfardo posted a dialog he had with super agent Scott Boras regarding the market, or possible lack there of, for Stephen Drew.

“There are five or six teams who I have actively talked to concerning Stephen, and I have continued our dialogue and will continue to talk.”

“I tell my clients all the time that free agency is a long process.. It just doesn’t end at Christmas. It’s a January, February, and even a March process. Teams assess their needs, explore their trade options, and when things finally settle there’s still a free agent market for them to turn to."

Boras isn't wrong about how he plays the free agent market.  It has worked to his client's benefit time and time again.  Its why he's the best at what he does.  With that said, I'm inclined to think there is some inflation to the number of team's he's having active conversations on Drew.  Boras is the king of the 'mystery team."

Its becoming ever more apparent that there will be no resolution on Drew in the short term unless a team bites the bullet and offers him a three year contract.  Carfardo also mentioned in the post that the Red Sox too, like the Mets, are basically interested in only a one year deal for Drew.  For the past two months those have been the only two teams linked to the shortstop.  Has that changed now?  I guess we'll see...

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