January 30, 2014

Wilpons To Refinance Debt, Maintain Control of Mets

The New York Post reported tonight that the Mets are about to experience substantial financial relief.  As soon as next month, owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz will close on a seven year refinance of the organization's debt.  There was some question as to whether the ownership group could maintain control of the team through what was a required principal payment of $250 million dollars, due this spring.  The refinance puts that hurdle behind him, as the Post reports they will not be required to come out of pocket with any additional money.

The Post also states, for the first time publicly, that the Mets have been navigating spending restrictions.  Going forward, there will be "no payroll limits written into the re-worked loan."  Per the Post, sources within the Mets' organization expect payroll to increase slowly in the coming years.  however, it is not expected to reach the $140 million level anytime soon.  Additionally, the Mets could post a profit in 2014 for the first time in years.


This. Changes. Everything.  The debate of whether or not Sandy Alderson can/can't/won't spend may officially be laid to rest.  What can also be a thing of the past is the notion that the Wilpons are going anywhere.  They're here to stay, for better or worse.  Perhaps now fans can turn their attention forward.  Perhaps now the front office can do the same.  Is is possible the team can build on the additions they've made this winter in the coming years?  Are the Mets actually headed forward for the first time in I don't know how long?  Fans will still argue about the past, but this is good news...very good news!


  1. And, in other news, Unicorns exist. Total crap! Why do us Mets fans need to suffer for these lying, cheating criminals who are pals with Bud Selig?

    Now, moving to Sport, where Mets owner, Fred Wilpon, was placed on the PUP list -- Phinacially Unable to Perform!!!

  2. As a true Met fan, there is only one way to get rid of Bud Selig's good buddies. Stop buying tickets to there games. They are the worst owners in baseball, In one of the biggest markets in baseball. Hope the new commissioner will force them to sell. They are hated owners of all met fans. please go.

    1. Two things...

      - Boycotts do nothing. The Wilpons can maintain control of the team on SNY profits alone. They're already struggling to fill half the seats and they're still here.

      - The Wilpons may be amongst the worst owners in baseball, but they're far from the worst. Take a long look at Miami and/or Houston.

  3. Funny how we Met fans didn't hate the Wilpons when they were spending lavishly in the pre-Bernie era. We loved them when they were spending lavishly on players, both good and bad. We loved them for spending on a new stadium. We loved them because all this spending was for us. Then Bernie came between us and we learned that he got to the Wilpon money before we did and so we hate them now because they don't have money to spend on us anymore. I personally don't like people in my life who only come around when my pockets are flush. I've known girlfriends like that, and even an ex-wife. There are names for people who only socialize with another because of their money. A true friend is there through the thin lending support to help their friend get them upright again. Anyone who KNOWS anything about baseball will know that the Mets are on the verge of getting it ALL back together. If you can't wait go find another team that likes to spend money like crazy. There are several of them to choose from, each promising to supply a gold ring even though they haven't been able to provide one for a few years now. No, the ring, more often than not, has been provided by those who build on a solid foundation.

  4. remember your only good as far as your dollar will carry you, with that being said ....spend and put a competitive team on the field or fold you tent and get out of the game.

  5. ok as a long time METS fan, I find this funny, No way in hell Mets every spend over 140 million a year, That will be just as elusive as BIG FOOT, or better yet the Jets winning a SUPER BOWL, LOLOLOL And making a profit, that's funny. With ticket prices the way they are 60 games in they are making all profit. And with the prices for food and beverages they ALMOST catch up with the governments $50 roll of toilet paper. I bet my bottom dollar that if the fans rallied together to boycott then Wilpon would listen.

  6. The hope is the owners still want the team to win ball games and championships. Despite everything, the pitching staff that's being fabricated has the potential to take this team to the top of the charts. Add a good cleanup hitter and another miracle just might occur. I sure hope it does. You gota believe!