January 21, 2014

Mets Leave The Door Open On Drew

As spring training nears, so to does a resolution of the Stephen Drew soap opera.  Drew remains the only available upgrade to the Mets shortstop needs and he could come by way of a pretty team-friendly deal.  Still it has been reported in the past that the Mets don't envision Queens as his most likely destination.  The Mets have gone as far as saying publicly that Ruben Tejada not only could be the team's opening day shortstop, but that they're confident in him if that occurs.  Still however, they keep hinting that Drew remains on their radar.

Shortly after signing Omar Quintanilla last week, Newsday featured a report that the Mets are still interested in Drew on a one year deal but expect him to find a longer deal elsewhere.  Last night, it was assistant general manager John Ricco's to talk on the subject.  Regarding the Quintanilla signing, he told ESPN's Adam Rubin that it signifies nothing, and that the team simply needed more help up the middle.

As is always the case with the Mets' front office we are forced to read between the lines.  Quintanilla's deal is only a minor league commitment.  What Ricco is saying is that the possibility remains that the team could still upgrade the position.  The Mets have waited out the market on Drew, and while no resolution is imminent, it appears that Drew will have to decide between the Mets and the Red Sox.  The Mets have been and remain willing to wait.  They are as comfortable as they can be with Tejada, but will upgrade if the opportunity presents itself.  This negotiation is a marathon, not a sprint, but the Mets remain involved and open to signing Drew despite recent moves that might seem to indicate otherwise.

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