January 2, 2014

Increasing Likelihood Drew Goes Back To The Red Sox

Late last night MLB Trade Rumors reported that its "more and more likely that Stephen Drew will re-sign with the Red Sox."  They cite the potential loss of a draft pick as the reason Drew's market hasn't developed, stating that multiple team's to include the Mets "appear content to go with internal options".  This is inline with last week's radio interview by Mets' special assistant J.P. Ricciardi where the Mets delivered a vote of confidence to Ruben Tejada.

I suppose its possible that the Mets will turn their back on a two year deal on Drew, I just don't think there are any good baseball reasons why they should.  It has to be simply money, as it always is with this team.  Should he find his way back to the Red Sox on a two year/$24 million dollarish contract, that narrative will rage!

Drew is an obvious upgrade to Tejada, and he can be had on the type of short term nature that this front office loves.  With no news of a potential trade for a young shortstop and what considering there is absolutely no chance of the Mets spending on a guy like Hanley Ramirez next winter, walking away from Drew now will leave the position unresolved indefinitely. 

The Mets can slap an exclamation point on an otherwise positive offseason if they find a way to make this happen.  Or they can allow the offseason to end the way it started, with an increasingly large faction of disappointed and disinterested fan base.  Are the Mets better on paper than the team they fielded last year? Absolutely, but they're not a lot better.  Stephen Drew is not the type of player who will turn the current roster into a playoff team, but he does represent what would be the organization following through on a promise it made to its fans.

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