January 31, 2014

Duda and the Mets Outfield

I was watching Terry Collins interview from yesterday on SNY.tv and when the subject came up about Duda the first topic was on 1B. Terry Collins was asked about battling for the position. Terry said confidence was a big thing for Lucas and he wanted him to have that going out of spring training. Terry was very positive that there is a place on this team for the Dudes and that he has the skills to play at the major league level.

And then came the question that had me almost vomit in my mouth. "Is there the thought that outfield isn't out of the question for Lucas?" O.M.G and the only thing equally worse was Terry's reply. "It can't be, when we go into spring training we have to look at every possible scenario and match up" and then Collins went on to say there could be some platoon opportunities.

I can see why Alderson retained this guy. He has molded him into the same speaking habits that Sandy has. Leave nothing out of the question, anything is possible, we have to look at everything. Even Mr Met and Jay Horwitz could be a factor in this upcoming season. Yes, in theory anything is possible and you can't leave anything out of the question. But for the sake of Mets fans let's just leave one thing out. Lucas Duda in LF.
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  1. I was looking forward to S/T ...but now ,I am not so sure? they have an option left on Duda put him in AAA to build up his confidence, not in the outfield to do it? that is so crazy.