January 23, 2014

Mets Lagares Named Dominican ROY

Per Adam Rubin Mets outfielder Juan Lagares has been named MLB’s Domincan rookie of the year by sports writers from his country. Juan had a BA of .242, hit 4 HR’s, batted in 34 in 421 trips to the plate. He also had 15 outfield assists which was good for a rookie franchise record. None of these stats were good enough to get him any votes for the league’s rookie of the year but I think that the franchise and most of the Mets fan base will agree he was a nice surprise.
Let’s fast forward to the Dominican winter league where Lagares played well with a line of .342/1HR/16RBI/5SB/7BB in 114 plate appearances for Aguiles. Only two other players had a higher average. Now mind you, this is a small sample and the DWL isn’t the same talent wise as playing in the big leagues but I like the fact that he played to get some more exposure.

How he fits in with the Mets this season remains to be seen. Sandy is being rather coy as to how he is going to use the likes of him, EYJ, Chris Young, and Curtis Granderson. Weird. You can probably guarantee based on salary that Young and Granderson are locks to get the majority of playing time with the others splitting time. Oh and there is that hellacious rumor of bring Lucas Duda back to the outfield. I guess the front office thinks the fan base hasn’t seen enough of those defensive blunders.   
Photo courtsey of: mets360.com
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  1. I believe the kid will grow into this if given the chance to play every day, I hope the dopes at the top don't screw him up

    1. Hey this is the NY Mets do you expect anything different!!!