January 5, 2014

Mets And Drew Remain A Logical Fit

Fox baseball analyst, Ken Rosenthal, became the latest significant baseball mind to write that the Mets and Drew remain logical fits for one another.  In his article today, he wrote:
"A number of rival executives are asking: Why wouldn't the Mets sign Drew?"
"The loss of a draft pick and accompanying pool money should barely be a consideration: The Mets' first-rounder is protected, they already have lost their second-rounder for Granderson and the pick they would sacrifice for Drew would be the 82nd overall."
"The issue, as always, is price; the Mets prefer to sign Drew for two years rather than three, and probably at a lower salary than Boras desires."
I know what you're probably thinking.. Same ol' cheap Mets, right? Well, to a point you might be correct, but there is a reason the two are logical fits for one another.

Of the team's in play, the Mets remain the location where Drew will get the most playing time and the best change to rebuild his value. A two year deal may actually suits his needs moreso than a one year deal. It provides him two seasons over which he can prove his value, instead of risking it all on one where another significant injury would cost him another big contract.

 For the Mets, Drew provides an immediate yet short term upgrade at shortstop. They increase their power output from the position and also likely their defense up the middle. They also avoid dealing prospects away for someone like Didi Gregorius, who in all honesty may not be much better than Ruben Tejada.

 Each is a logical fit for the other, but both are waiting out the market, and that's fine. Drew's agent, Scott Boras, will stretch this out as long as possible in the hopes that other teams get in on the action. If a mystery team develops, it may cause a team like the Mets to offer the third year Drew Covets. The Mets on the other hand want to be the last team standing. If so, perhaps they're able to save a few million dollars and avoid including a third guaranteed year on the deal.

In the end, I still believe Drew is wearing blue and orange come spring time. To be quite honest, I don't think this potential deal is preventing the Mets from completing other moves, so the waiting game does little more than frustrate fans. There will be a resolution soon enough and with a little luck, perhaps it will be the Mets who come out on top.

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