January 26, 2014

Alderson Jokes, Mets Fans Freak

“We each signed Japanese pitchers this week..They're paying $155 million and 
we’re paying our guy month to month.”
Above was what writers are calling the joke of the night. It was provided by Mets' GM, Sandy Alderson, referring to the Mets acquisition of Daisuke Matsuzaka which followed the much bigger signing of Masahiro Tanaka across town in the Bronx.  This was not Alderson's first jab at fans during his tenure. It's not even his first jab this offseason. It is however probably the first jab that was poorly timed.

While most Mets fans would agree that although Alderson still has some work to do this winter if this offseason is to be deemed a success, he has made progress. For the first time since taking over, he has added new talent, quality talent, to the roster. It's fair to say his approval rating has never been higher.  So, why the jokes now?

This isn't to say that Alderson doesn't still have his critics. Long drawn out negotiations, months long in some instances, will wear thin the patience of even the most devout fans. However, having spent the better part of $100 million this winter, payroll isn't as big a topic as it once was. Bringing attention to it wasn't really necessary.

Even still, this story is more of a non-story. Despite temporarily providing some ammunition for his strongest critics, most fans have already turned their sights towards spring training. This story shouldn't have legs as it is, but if Alderson manages to finally land the services of Stephen Drew or some other semi-significant addition, few if anyone will remember last night's remark for any length of time.

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  1. It is good to know that once his failed tour with the Mets is over, he can be a stand up comedian.