September 20, 2013

Where Will Wilmer Wind Up?

According the ESPN's Adam Rubin, Terry Collins has said that if Wilmer Flores cannot crack the Mets starting lineup next season, he will return to AAA where he can play on a daily basis.  On the surface that makes sense, but I think there is a much better chance Flores ends up with another organization than him landing in the Mets minor league system next summer.

Collin's makes reference to Flores playing every day, but he has been unable to do that late this season (due in part to injury) with a much less formidable lineup in place than the organization hopes to have next winter.  The company line on Flores is that his bat will have to carry him.  Will that bat has managed only a .211 average and just a .250 on-base percentage this season.  Those aren't the type of numbers he needs to make up for his shoddy defense.

The Mets simply don't have a place for Flores right now and won't unless he learns to play first place.  Despite the fact that some fans are still enamored with his bat, Wilmer is much more likely to be a complimentary piece in a trade for an impact player this winter.  He has upside, to a team who needs a young third baseman with the ability to mash.  The Mets don't.  If he does happen to find his way to AAA next season, it will only be to keep him fresh to fill in should someone fall victim or injury, or continue to showcase his talents for an eventual trade down the line.

Flores isn't long for Queens, no matter how well he hits in my opinion.

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