September 14, 2013

Here Comes The Captain

ESPN reported this afternoon that Mets' third baseman, David Wright, could return to the lineup as early as this upcoming Tuesday for the start of the series with the San Francisco Giants.  Wright you'll recall, has been sidelined since August 2nd with a strained hamstring.

There were rumors a few weeks back that Wright may be shut down for the seasons.  Rumors that Wright quickly squashed.  His return will be well received by fans who have little left to watch for.

Personally, I'd prefer that Wright have been shut down for the season.  While I appreciate that he wants to play, I also don't want to see him reaggravate the injury prior to the offseason.  There is a subsection of the fan base who are searching for a reason to chastise the organization for Wright's new contract.  Having him fall victim to an injury yet again will provide such justification.

It remains to be seen to what extend Wright will play, but if history repeats itself, I'm sure he will be a daily fixture in the lineup.

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