September 19, 2013

Ruben Tejada Broke His Effing Leg

This Kodak moment captured by Michael Baron
This is not the actual picture, but that would have made it a tad funnier.

In a collision with Andrew Brown that happened in short left field, Tejada came out with a broken right fibula, which will cost him the rest of what has already been a checkered year for the shortstop.

A long stint in the minors followed what some considered a very convenient injury after an atrocious start to the season for Tejada. After his stay in Las Vegas Lasted far past the rehabilitation of the injury, reports began to come out about his unwillingness to put in extra work from multiple media sources, and were eventually confirmed to some extent by Sandy Alderson.

Tejada had been thought of as the shortstop of the future, and looked poised to fulfill that role in the year immediately following the departure of Jose Reyes. However, there has been some backsliding since. His batting average, which had been .284 and .289 in 2011 and 2012, respectively, had dipped sharply to .202. An OBP of .259 and a slugging percentage of .260 made him a full blown liability in the lineup. He was tough to watch this year, but at the same time this is a terrible reason not to have to watch anymore.

But it did give us a new batch of Tejada/Reyes Mets tweets. Enjoy:

Good use of facacta there. Just don't see that enough.

Wouldn't we all? But file that under "Fat Chance".

Who was it that thought that?

And that is saying something.

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