September 4, 2013

Mets Are Fading Fast

It has taken longer than it has in recent years, but it appears injuries and an overall lack of talent have finally caught up with the New York Mets. Since arriving in Los Angeles on August 12th, the Effing Mets are a depressing 6-14 falling back to thirteen games below .500 and threatening to finish in fourth place for the fifth consecutive year.

While the current state of affairs certainly sucks, it should come as no surprise to anyone who is honestly paying attention. Carried by their pitching for the majority of the year, the Mets have lost 60% of their starting rotation and their closer in the past month. Pair that with the loss of David Wright in early August and recent jettison of Marlon Byrd, their most productive bat, and it's not hard to forecast where this is heading.

As Fall looms, it's unlikely the Mets have the arms to support an offense that has averaged less than four runs over their last twenty games and now boasts a lineup of September call-ups getting their first look at big league pitching. In reality, the Mets have transformed into the team we all feared this spring: punchless, inexperienced and not much fun to watch. 

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