September 18, 2013

d'Arnaud To Miss Time For Shoulder

Photo by Michael Baron
Travis d'Arnaud left last night's game after taking a Hunter Pence foul ball off of his right shoulder. Terry Collins expects him to miss at least a few games, apparently disregarding my father's universal injury advice of, "Don't rub it," and, "Walk it off."

Obviously, this is bad news for a player who began the year on the DL with a broken bone in his foot. Additionally, d'Arnaud missed the end of last season with a torn PCL in his knee he suffered sliding into second base.

A couple of thoughts on the topic. First, d'Arnaud is really annoying to type. Lowercase letter, apostrophe, then an uppercase letter. Get a real name man, for crying out loud. I have to remember to just Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V his name next time, this is absurd.

Second, I guess we have no choice but to hope that this guy's injury problems are closer to the multiple isolated incident type, and not the recurring nicked up player type. He has made a habit of spending periods laid up; I understand it is, to some extent, unavoidable with catchers, but a fragile player can be tough to tie your franchise to. d'Arnaud, despite his struggles at the plate so far, seems to be universally recognized in baseball as a talented and promising young player, but that only matters if he can stay on the field.

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