September 3, 2013

Daniel Murphy: Player of the Week

Daniel Murphy has been named NL Player of the Week batting .448 five doubles. He tied a career high with four hits Thursday against the Phils.

Photo by Michael Baron

Murphy has quietly put together a nice season; it still remains to be seen where he fits in long term. You could make an argument to cut the charade with Ike and Duda at first and let him man the position, but I'm not sure if his power numbers are where they need to be for a first baseman considering the likes of Fielder, Pujols, A. Gonzalez, Teixera setting the standard.

That being said, he could be an attractive trade piece. It just seems like the Mets have a log jam of corner infielders with no true middle infielders that offer long term production. Unless of course you move Wilmer Flores to shortstop.

Said nobody...

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