September 17, 2013

Rehab First For Harvey

It appears that Matt Harvey will delay surgery in the hopes that he can rehab his injured right elbow.  This according to an article by CBS Sports baseball insider, Jon Heyman.  Harvey is expected to wait a month or two before beginning a throwing program.  A decision on surgery will be made based upon the successes and/or failures of that training program.

This information comes following the second opinion Harvey received yesterday when meeting with Dr. James Andrews, who is the most popular sports surgeon in the country.  

Although it isn't necessarily ideal, Harvey risks little by attempting to rehab the injury for now.  If the rehab is successful, he could potentially be ready to start the 2014 season.  If it isn't, waiting another few months doesn't impact his ability to be ready for 2015.

As Heyman explains, Tommy John Surgery is the alternative, and as is the case with any surgery carries risks with it.  Although it has evolved greatly in recent years, the surgery is only 90% effective and could cost Harvey significantly if unsuccessful.

Mets fans will once again fall into a wait and see approach as I'm confident that the team's writers will monitor the process closely.  Thus far all members of the Mets' organization have decline comment.  Should that change we'll have it here for you.

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  1. Poor decision. Poor Poor Poor. This has Billy Wagner written all over it. Rehab it, things are looking up and pop. Except with this organizations luck on injuries we will get a few games into the season and then our own Harvey POP. Yep, I am hacked off as much as I want to see him pitch this is about the future and getting to it sooner than later.