September 9, 2013

Should Wally Walk?

Photo by Michael Baron
On Friday, the New York Post reported that Wally Backman could leave the Mets' organization if he is not offered the big league managerial position this offseason.  Such a game of chicken will almost certainly draw a line in the sand for many of the team's followers, should it come to fruition. 

The 53 year old skipper has a love him or hate him relationship with the team's fanbase.  Known by the elder faction of Mets fans for his tenure during the 1980s, the notion of having him at the helm brings with it a lot of nostalgia.  For the younger group, his brush with the law aside, Backman has become a bit of a YouTube sensation in recent years with his theatrical, and often profanity laced ejections.

Whether you think his history or his method of management would be good for the team, I think its fair to say that Backman has put in his time with the organization.  Hired to manager the Mets AA affiliate after interviewing for the big league gig in 2011, Wally was promoted to manage the AAA team in 2012.  Since that time, he has had a hand in the development of many key contributors of the current big league roster.  Basically what I'm saying is, he's put in his time here.

If the Mets do choose to extend the contract of Terry Collins at year's end, Backman's progression to the major league manager will be stalled yet again, potentially several additional seasons.  At some point a man has to go elsewhere.

Personally, I don't think Collins' contract should be extended (but that's another post for another time), but I also not sure Wally Backman is the answer either.  All opinions aside, Backman has had success managing at the AAA level and is due a shot at the next level.  If the Mets won't give him that opportunity, I think its only fair he go find it elsewhere.

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