September 11, 2013

Is This What Rock Bottom Looks Like?

Did you watch the Mets game last night? Me neither...  Were you in attendance?  If you were there is a legitimate chance you hit a home run, considering the Mets' pitching staff has surrendered eight in the past forty-eight hours!

Last face it.. Citi Field is a pitchers ballpark. No, that can't be right..  Wait, what?

The Effing Mets appear destined for yet another fourth place finish. That shouldn't be a surprise to many, but it's a result that has been met with quite a bit of contempt. Is it Terry's Fault? Sandy's fault? Perhaps it's the result of the injury bug? Or maybe it's the result of the Wilpon's bank account..or lack thereof?

Call it what you want. That fact is, this team sucks right now and with no real "stopper" in the rotation, things aren't likely to change. The 2013 season has slowed to a snail's pace, with the offseason feeling more like a reprieve than the confirmation of yet another failure. 

When will it end? I don't you?  The real question is..does the front office?

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