September 12, 2013

First-Responder Hat Fiasco

Last night, in honor of the fallen heroes of the tragedy of September 11th, 2001, the Mets wore hats corresponding to all of the departments of the city. This included not only the NYPD and FDNY, but the city's OEM and Department of Sanitation. They wore them... until the game started.

Photo courtesy of @Mets

I realize how tremendously unimportant the headwear of a bad baseball team is, and how little impact it is going to have on anything, but it's just a characterization, to me, of MLB valuing their rules and merchandising a little too much. To the point, as you'll recall, where a Met coup was broken up in 2011.

I know the issue has been beaten into the ground, but at some point the league and Bud Selig have to realize that paying that tribute on the field during the game would be more meaningful, and would do nothing to sully their image.

Rather than dwell on that however, last night's rendition of God Bless America. Sung by Regina Wilson, a member of the FDNY, watching her tear up at the end is tough.

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