September 2, 2013

Dillon Gee Quietly Not Sucking

Photo by Michael Baron

In a story that may or may not be related to the shaving of his awful goatee, Dillon Gee has been one of the steadier hands in the Mets rotation this year. The turmoil at the end of last season, which began with a tingling and numbness in his throwing hand and ended in a surgery to repair an artery in his shoulder to resolve the blood clot causing the problems, left a heavy uncertainty hanging around Gee.

Gee now has ten wins to nine losses, an accomplishment on this light hitting Met squad. An ERA of 3.63 is good, not great, but Gee is on pace to throw over 200 innings. He was trailing only Matt Harvey in IP, and barring something ridiculous, will pass him in September.

So Gee is what, in the future? With so many overwhelming pitching prospects, where does he fit in? No effing clue. But he's better than a reliever. He's a soid back of rotation pitcher and, much as I'd hate to see him go, might be part of a package this winter to bring back some quality talent.

Before you fall in love, remember John Maine and Oiver Perez one 15 games as a Met once. But. Before you disregard him, remember he's over .500 on a bad team. But in the end, there is probably no room him in a rotation that might see Niese as a fifth starter.

Until then, enjoy all the Gee whiz jokes you can.

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