September 7, 2013

Mets We Can't Forget: Omir Santos

This is the first in what I hope will be a recurring string of posts here on Effing Mets called Mets We Can't Forget. In them, we will detail Mets that we really, really want to forget but are simply unable to. They could be veterans we signed for a short stint, or one of the many young players who came up to the bigs that we thought was going to be a part of the future.

Or, in this case, it could be Omir Santos.

Photo by Michael Baron

According to his page (which I am pretty sure I am the only person to have ever visited), Santos was a 28 year old rookie in 2009, after getting a quick cup of coffee with the Orioles the year before. Just before the Josh Thole Era, Santos provided fans with relief from Brian Schneider, who seemed like a very nice guy but swung the bat like my grandmother.

Frankly, Santos did okay in his time with the team. He hit .260, and had 7 homers in a little over half of the games that season. In a season that ended at 70 wins, he gave us a couple nice moments, and it was nice to see a guy that had toiled as long as he had in the minors get some real playing time.

Perhaps most remarkably, somebody took the time to compile his greatest moments into a tribute video. Yes, an Omir Santos tribute. Enjoy.

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