September 30, 2013

Pros and Cons of 2013

Well...the 2013 MLB season is (mercifully) over.  The Mets juuust missed the playoffs...but there is always next year. We've been told all along that there was a long-term plan. The team would be bad for a few years, but then in 2014, and even more so in 2015, the team would contend. I am still a believer in this plan. With that in mind...I am going to go through my pros and cons list for the 2013 season that was.

Pro: Matt Harvey

Yeah...sigh...he's hurt. We don't know if he's going to have surgery. We don't know when he'll pitch again. Here's what we do know. He's really really good. Like...historically good.

Con: Ike Davis

There is nobody on this team that I root for harder. Ever since he spent his first month diving over the first base railing to catch pop-ups...he has been one of my favorites. However, and quite unfortunately, he may not be a major leaguer. One year can be a fluke...but now it's two. Smarter people than me still believe he can hit (he did hit 30+ homeruns last year) and we all know he can field, however, I am no longer on board.

Pro: Zack Wheeler

Really not much you can say other than he exceeded expectations. He dramatically improved as the major league season went on and has put his first half of a year up there with Harvey's first half of a year. I don't think any reasonable person can expect him to have a sophomore year like Harvey's...but why not?

Con: Ruben Tejada

I'm done. Enough said.

Pro: The Wilpons

I know, I know. But, guess what? They didn't get pulled into a single ponzi scheme bankruptcy suit this year...that we know of. Not a single member of the Wilpon clan insulted a single member of our core players (I also realize we don't have core players) to the media this year. This is a vast improvement over previous year and I, for one, am thankful.

Con: The Wilpons

It's only a matter of time before they screw up again. Please David Einhorn...please.

Pro: Mr. Met

We still have the best mascot in baseball. Screw you Phanatic.

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Con: Citi Field Attendance

This probably isn't entirely our fault. The Mets have the 10th lowest attendance of any team in baseball this year. We don't have much reason to go besides the excellent Citi Field beer choices. Also, I sat in the Pepsi Porch for the first time this year and found the view wonderful and with a very fair price point. That'll be my go-to spot from now on. Attendance is understandably low. However, it's a self defeating cycle.We don't go because we want the team to be better. However, by not going, we are decreasing the chances of that happening. I get not going...but you know what Puddy said, "Support the Team!".

Pro: Bobby Parnell

He's good. We thought he could be...and he is. Now to just get him healthy.

Con: The Mets

I don't have to explain this one to Mets fans. This team has been steadily moving in a good direction for 2 or so years now. We've seen our youth begin to blossom. We've seen our favorite player sign-up for many more years. We are ALL waiting for the other shoe to drop. We know that it is right around the corner...lurking. I am very afraid.

Pro: Irrational Yankee Hate

No matter how bad the Mets were this matter how injured Matt Harvey matter how many times David Wright gets hit in the matter how many times Ike Davis strikes out....the Yankee still didn't make the playoffs. This makes me feel good.

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