September 7, 2013

Of Course Scott Kazmir Dominated The Mets

Once upon a time, Scott Kazmir was thought to be the savior. Traded away by Jim Duquette for peanuts at the trade deadline in July 2004, Kazmir has not gone on to have the career everyone envisioned for him. Nonetheless, for Mets fans he will always feel like the one who got away.

Fast forward nearly a decade and Kazmir found himself pitching against the team that drafted him, developed him, and then traded him away for the very first time. Matched up against current Mets prodigy, Zack Wheeler, who is all too familiar with mid-season trades and the New York hype machine, Kazmir dazzled. 

Of course he did! The baseball gods would have it no other way... With more than the normal share of Mets nation tuned in to see the past clash with the present, and despite the fact that Kazmir recently went 958 days without earning a win, he shut the Mets down. 

Last night's result probably surprised no one. It was as predictable as the Mets looking foolish against any pitcher making their Major League debut. As predictable as a Chipper Jones game winning hit.  Any Mets fan could see it coming from a mile away, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating. 

We knew it was coming, but we watched anyway. Because these are our Mets.. Our Effing Mets!

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