September 15, 2013

d'Arnaud's Walks Off A Somewhat Depressing Win

Photo Courtesy of @Lets86It
If you were one of the 25,165 who were unfortunate enough to have paid for a ticket to today's Mets/Marlins game we feel sorry for you.  If you were one of the.. maybe half of that actually in attendance than you deserve a strong adult beverage.

First things first, the Mets and Marlins have played a twenty-three extra frames this season.  That's more than two and a half games worth of extra baseball, mostly due in part to each teams inability to push runs across the plate.  Secondly, if you were in attendance you sat at Citi Field for a full three hours and thirty five minutes before a single run was scored.  Lucky for you, that run ended the game.

I suppose the only caveat is that if you were in attendance you did have the opportunity to witness Travis d'Arnaud's first walk-off hit.  Bear in mind, it was his first run batted (and 10th hit) in since August 27th so lets not celebrate too much.  The team's "catcher of the future" has batted a mere .169 since being promoted.  He has not had an extra-base hit in the month of September.

To many depressing details to overshadow an otherwise successful day..I suppose

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