September 21, 2013


Just in case you missed it last night, not only did the Mets beat the Philadelphia Phillies..they also beat this clown:

The loss dropped perennial pretty boy and wanna be hard ass, Cole Hamels, to a comical 8-14 on the season.  Bear in mind he's making a fat $19.5 million this season for all his semi-hard work.

The guy who once call the Mets "choke artists" hasn't faired too well against them over the years.  With twelve career defeats at the hands of the Mets, Hamels has fallen victim to no other team more frequently.  The Mets have posted a 4.29 ERA against him over the years, well above his career average of just 3.36 and nearly a run worst than any other teams he's thrown more than 100 innings against.  Last but not least, it was nice to deny Hamels is 100th win last night.

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