September 12, 2013

Ellsbury or Choo? Neither

Call me crazy but here goes: NEITHER. You heard me and I haven't even had much coffee this morning. And this has absolutely nothing to Scott Boras. Like many others on this blog have stated with Matt Harvey on board Sandy is going to have to deal with him at some point.

Both in question here are good if not great ball players but I have a knock for both of these guys. For Ellsbury it is health. It isn't that he is injury prone the guy plays all out every play from what I have watched and read. It seems every other year he faces an injury that sidelines him significantly. And that isn't going to get better with age. With Choo my knock on him is that his game relies so much on his legs. Wasn't this a concern with Michael Bourn? The older a player gets he isn't going to get faster. So if it was a concern with Bourn then it should be one with Choo.

If you are reading this you probably want to know what my brilliant solution is. Well here goes. Robinson. Jose. Mercedes. Cano. He hits for power, drives in runs, decent on  base percentage, plays a good second base and knows the city and its market and how their media operates. With him at second then maybe Ike or Duda can relax a bit and not pressure themselves so much.

That leaves us with what to do with Daniel Murphy. I love how he plays and what he brings to the team. He is best suited as a corner infielder and David Wright certainly isn't moving and he doesn't have the power numbers that a typical first baseman does. I think you could package him in a deal with Wilmer Flores and a pitching prospect like Montero or DeGrom and get that OF power bat you are looking for. Or worst case maybe look into free agency again for a Hunter Pence or someone like that. Another decent pitcher and we could be in business. Heck, Adam Rubin even suggested on Twitter last night bringing back Kazmir. Maybe he was kidding.

Yes, I just spent a truckload of the Wilpon's money and I don't care. You build teams around guys like Wright, Cano, Harvey, Wheeler, and Parnell. And if Syndergaard lives up to the hype? WOW.

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  1. Good point here on Cano. I am aware this is a stretch but sign cano and pay him at shortstop. Arguably he is the best defensive 2B in the game and I would bet he could make the transition from second to short. Either way if we could sign cano that would be a massive piece.

  2. Neither both deals will be bad in the end. Choo is a good player not a cornerstone you build your offense or team around. The Mets need an offensive player that can carry this team when need be.b

  3. Important to remember that the team has few good players currently... signing Choo SHOULD NOT proclude them from signing another real offensive threat