September 14, 2013

Double Dose Of Mets Despair Today

If you're still willing and able, Mets fans can take in twice as much mediocrity this afternoon as the minor league Mets take on the minor league Marlins in a twin billing starting at 4pm. 

The Mets managed a rare win last night behind a decent outing by Jon Niese.  Fans probably shouldn't get there hopes up though, as today's starting pitchers are Carlos Torres and Daisuke Matsuzaka. Neither of whom would have sniffed the starting rotation if things hadn't gone horribly awry. 

With AAAA players like Andrew Brown, Matt den Dekker and apparently Ruben Tejada making up the majority of the lineup nowadays, things aren't likely to change this evening.

Hang on tight Mets fans. Only fourteen games to go after today...

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