September 16, 2013

T-Shirt Tuesday: Juan Bad Joke At A Time

The below image is a look at the t-shirt the Mets will give away tomorrow night when the San Francisco Giants come to town.  As the Mets count down the remainder of the season Juan game at a time, rookie outfielder Juan Lagares has earned himself a t-shirt night.  This is of course if the front office doesn't trade him the morning of, as they did with Marlon Bryd about a month ago.

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I know I poke fun at the Mets pretty much every opportunity I'm presented with (it helps my maintain my sanity), but its nice to see the organization reward a kid like Lagares with a promotion like this, no matter how cheesy it might be.

Lagares has been the lone remaining bright spot for the Mets in a second half full of disappointment.  He has emerged as one of the best defensive outfielders in baseball and has the inside line on the centerfield spot next season.  His ability to get on base will need to improve next year, as the team could likely live with a .260ish batting average, but a .295 on-base percentage simply won't get it done.  Time will tell if he is able to stick, but in the meantime its cool to see he and the Mets have some fun with his success this season.

If your brave enough to join the ten thousand or so faithful who are still venturing to Citi on a nightly basis and would like to grab one of these shirts, you can buy your tickets HERE.

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