September 20, 2013

Which package will work?

As all of our effing eyes and ears turn away from the ghastly product on the field, we look to Sandy Alderson and think about all the potential moves (or pipe dreams) that could be made. Yes, the hot stove is warming up already for us Mets fans. While we throw around the names of the slugging outfielders we'd love to have in Queens, shouldn't the focus be more on who we'd have to give up to acquire one of those bats? Do we even have a good understanding of who Sandy Alderson is willing to part ways with? The cards seem to be played close to the chest when it comes to Sandy and his office mates.

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With several good, young arms within the system, a trade partner will no doubt want at least one of those individuals in return. In our heart of hearts I think we all want to see Noah Syndergaard in a Mets uniform by the second half of next season. However, which of the other young arms could likely be packaged? Rafael Montero has certainly impressed, but as someone who has generally been projected as a middle of the rotation starter, that may not be enough. Jack Leathersich has turned heads as well, but he is a reliever. Is anyone really going to trade a star outfielder with a minor league reliever as part of the package? Not to mention we probably will really need him. Travis d'Arnaud has been pegged as a big part of the Mets future but if he does become trade bait, has he shown enough in his short major league career for another team to gamble on? Seems doubtful at this point. We can throw out a host of other names but considering what we are looking for, the packages this organization can put together just might not be enough. If only we had Carlos Beltran to trade again.

We have all winter to debate...

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