September 21, 2013

Wright Returns With A Bang

I wasn't exactly behind the return of David Wright this week.  I wasn't alone.  Many Mets fans thought it was a bad idea to see Wright risk further injury to his ailing hamstring with just a weeks worth of meaningless games remaining.  David Wright..doesn't care what we think.  He made that quite clear when in his first at-bat since August 2nd he did this:

Sure, this would only be a long fly ball at Citi Field. However, this ballgame was being played at the little league bandbox that is Citizen's Bank Park in Philadelphia against the hated Phillies and pretty boy Cole Hamels.  All of that made this a lot more fun than it probably should've been.

This isn't the first time Wright has done something like this.  You'll recall that last season, after returning to the lineup after breaking his pinky finger Wright promptly launched a solo home run in his first at back.  In a fun twist of fate, that also came at the expense of the Phillies.

So far so good for Wright.  He should get credit for returning when he doesn't have to, and he will provided he doesn't suffer a set back between now and the onset of the offseason.  A quick side note: With nine games to go, Wright needs three more home runs to make it to twenty.

The lineup is always better when it has a little captain in it!

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