September 26, 2013

Angels In Our Outfield (Or Infield)?

Since the last offseason, the Angels have been theoretically paired with the Mets as a potential trade partner because of their glut of hitters compared to the Mets young pitching prospects. Throwing out the massive contracts of aging not-so-much stars anymore, Albert Pujols and Josh Hamliton, let's examine a few of the possibilities:

Peter Bourjos: Career .251 hitter with no power; doesn't seem to do one thing particularly well. Pass.

Mark Trumbo: Probably the most intriguing because he has averaged over 30 home runs the last three seasons, something no current Met can come close to claiming. However, the career average and OBP far from wow you. 

Howie Kendrick: Primary position is second base and his career numbers are comparable to Murph's; not sure there is any worth in making a trade for him. 

Erick Aybar: Better than anyone the Mets have put out at shortstop the last few years, unless anyone still thinks Ruben Tejada can make something of himself? Anyone?

Mike Trout: No, no you are looking for Effing Yankees, this is a Mets blog.

To me, Trumbo would be the play if you are looking to make a trade with the Angels. I can handle a .250 career average to actually watch some balls leave the ball park. Something we aren't too used to from our Mets the last several years. A trade package for both Trumbo and Aybar might be the most ideal situation, but it could cost you Jon Niese or several prospects. Still, both team's needs align and all possibilities should be explored by the Mets front office.

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