September 4, 2013

He Did What?!

Last night Carlos Torres took a scoreless lead into the 7th inning until Evan Gattis and Andrelton Simmons went deep on him to give them a 3-1 lead. And we all know what happens when you give a lead to Craig Kimbrel.

Game. Set. Match.

Back to the title of this post. It was rather comical reading my twitter feed and the outrage that was pouring in at Terry Collins for sending Torres back out there for the 7th inning when they could have pinch hit for him earlier in the frame.

Um, do any of these folks actually watch the game? Six innings. 66 pitches. No runs. That's like two innings of work for Dice-K.

It WAS the right call by Terry. He was cruising fairly well and the bullpen has been taxed as of late. If we could put up more than 1 run the game could have been different.

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