September 18, 2013

We Wait On Wright

There has been much debate as to whether or not the Mets' captain and all-star third baseman, David Wright, should return to the lineup this season following the strained hamstring.  Wright was on pace for a 20/20 season with an average over .300 before the injury, which has held him out since August 2nd.

There was some belief that Wright would return to the lineup as early as last night for the start of the San Francisco series, however Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal would put those rumors to bed prior to last night's game.  As per Diamond, Wright will not play in the series versus the Giants and his status is unknown for the team's weekend series against the Philadelphia Phillies.

As I've said before, I realize that David Wright provide a reason for some to come to the ballpark, but I see no sense in even moderately rushing him back to play meaningless games in the last week of the season.  I fear he injures the hamstring yet again, causing concern about a reoccurring issue going into next year.  I just don't think its worth the risk.  Wright disagrees...

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