September 16, 2013

Harvey's Injury No Justification For Delaying Spending

As soon as the news about Matt Harvey's injury, and his likelihood of missing 2014, hit the headlines, the feeling of doom was almost palpable. 2014, once seen as a year when the Mets would begin to fulfill some of their promise, was going to be one more year of incompetence on a budget, fielding bargain basement players while we await Harvey's return.

Don't accept that answer. Refuse to be okay with waiting, again.

Matt Harvey was an incredible revelation but he was also just that: a revelation. While there was a lot of expectations on his future, nobody expected him to be what he was this year. His absence in the rotation leaves Jon Niese, Zack Wheeler, and Dillon Gee, supplemented by either a veteran presence or two of the franchise's highly touted prospects. Pitching will not be what holds this team back, and makes using Harvey as a rationalization to not spend nonsense.

They sold the fans on a three year plan, and spent this year telling us how exciting our future is. Guess what: It's time for the future. It's time to take some of the great prospects you've gotten and build a team around them. Field a big league ball club in 2014, or risk disenfranchising perhaps the most loyal fan base in baseball. We've stuck with the team through thin and thinner; we expect them to keep their promises. I truly believe Sandy wants to crack the purse strings open this offseason and next in an effort to build a real contender. It's up to the Wilpons to give him the green light to do so.

No more excuses, guys. It's been long enough.

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