September 7, 2013


The 2013 season has sure been a roller coaster ride.  While the arrivals of Zack Wheeler and Travis d'Arnaud and the dominance of Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero in the minors have excited the fan base, the injury to Matt Harvey has equally deflated us.  Can we please just watch the remaining 22 games of the season in peace?  Of course not.  These wouldn't be the New York Mets we were talking about if that was the case.  We will now be forced to watch the player formerly known as FRANK FRANK finish the season with the big league club.

Frank Francisco has not pitched a single game this year for the Mets while collecting more than $5 million in the process.  A player known as a bad clubhouse guy is being welcomed back to a club that has absolutely no need for him.  Why?  This makes absolutely no sense.  Alderson and CO. should simply outright release him and keep the cancer out of the clubhouse.  Instead we will be forced to watch Francisco walk the ballpark for the final 22 games this season.  Do we really need to be tortured like this?

In my opinion, Alderson and his disciples have done a fantastic job re-stocking the minor league system and fast tracking the success of a franchise that hit rock bottom just a few short years ago.  However, this is not the correct move.  It's time to move on from players like Francisco and see what the "kids" down on the farm have to offer.

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