September 16, 2013

Matt Harvey Surgery Decision Could Come Today

Photo Courtesy Of @Lets86It
The day has finally arrived for Matt Harvey to get the all important second opinion on the right elbow that ended his season three weeks ago.  The question at hand is how unstable the UCL tear has cause the elbow to become.  If Dr. James Andrews deems the joint unstable, then surgery is imminent for the twenty-four year old ace.  If not, then Harvey could chose to rehab the injury and prepare for spring training next season.

In speaking with several people, it seems as though its not a matter of if he needs surgery, its more a matter of when.  There is a realistic shot that he can pitch on the arm for now, however he could lose velocity.

Mets fans will recall that RA Dickey pitched without a UCL, which is ultimately what caused him to adopt the knuckleball.  That's not to insinuate that Harvey will have to go that round, but there is a drastic difference between a pitcher who throws 97-98 mph and one who throws 94-95 mph.  These are the decisions facing Harvey this afternoon.

The Mets likely prefer that he have the surgery now.  Its highly unlikely that the Mets will be World Series in 2014, but if things go according the plan that could change in 2015 and beyond.  Therefore, the front office would like to have Harvey back in the fold by that time frame, as opposed to having his future in doubt. We shall see though..hopefully today.

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