September 9, 2013

Mets to play in...Montreal?

According to Adam Rubin the Mets will play a two game set against the Toronto Blue Jays to end spring training next Olympic stadium.

The Mets last played in Montreal in 2004 with the likes of Piazza, Zeile, Reyes, Matsui, Cameron, and Cliff Floyd on the roster. The only two remaining players appear to be David Wright from a position player standpoint with Pedro Feliciano being the lone pitcher.

The rotation was pretty solid back then featuring Glavine, Leiter, (slow poke) Trachsel, Jae Seo, and Kris Benson. Remember that guys nut job wife? She is currently being detained for assault with a deadly weapon against Kris. I wonder if he finally cheated on her?

Back to baseball this roster top to bottom was so much different. And so much fun to watch. I miss those days dearly and looking forward to when we can get back to some kind of glory. Seems like light years ago.

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