September 3, 2013

Adios Ike!

For this season anyway. And who knows, maybe for good.

This is not good news for him at all. I have pulled hard for the guy ever since he came back up from his demotion to AAA. The bombs surely weren't there but he was reaching base, driving in runs, and playing better defense. I am not sure anyone other than Sandy has a good feel as to where he fits in. I can probably venture to guess he isn't worth the $5.5 million (as per he is projected to reach through the arbitration process, but that is just a guess. The whole things stinks in that it doesn't appear to be for lack of effort that he has had a tough season. He is well liked in the clubhouse and the front office but in this day and age and a market like New York it is either put out or get out. I sure hate to see it but that is why I am here and GM's like Sandy are there.

Best of luck getting healthy, and we as fans will certainly anticipate how this all plays out. Blah...

Photo by Michael Baron

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